Request help figuring out these dates please.

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Request help figuring out these dates please.

Post by DMStefani » 19 Nov 2015, 06:01

I hired a genealogist in 2010 & 2011 & was able to go with her to the church & look at the records.
Unfortunately, her assistance stopped there.
Even though she was paid, I never received a report with translations for either year.
After many excuses over many years, I'm revisiting these images that I thankfully took & trying to decipher them.
I keep looking at this & am extremely confused by the dates.
What I have:
Father, Giovanni Domenico, son of Giovanni Ciabattari
Mother, Maria Caterina
Giovanni Domenico, November 8, 1761
Maria Domenica, November 7, 1768
It's downhill from there when it appears the next child, Francesco Luigi was also born in 1768, on September 20th.
Maria Angelina, November 27, 1770
Giovanni Lorenzo, September 20, 1776
Giuseppe, December 7 1778
What am I not getting with this?
Your help would be appreciated.

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Re: Request help figuring out these dates please.

Post by krash142 » 08 Jan 2016, 00:18

It seems as though this is a mistranscribing- I think Francesco Luigi was probably born or baptized on that date in 1769.

What is this family group book? Was this found at the church?

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