help with writting a responce to a Priest

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help with writting a responce to a Priest

Post by ChrisMosca » 28 Jan 2016, 16:59

I was very surprised today I have received a responce by email from the Priest in Staffolo, AN

here is their responce:
abbiamo trovato la registrazione del battesimo di Mosca Pacifico del 20-04-1810 per altre ricerche occorrono date più precise. il certificato e illeggibile..

Don Sandro Carbonari parroco di S.Egidio di Staffolo.

I was able to translate it, I know good news and bad news, but now I would like to respond to them, and I would like to make sure that it is written correctly, i do not want to use an online translator to do it.


"Don Sandro Carbonari:

Thank you very much for your quick response and for taking the time to look for his baptism record. Would you still be able to send me a copy of it? all I know is that Domenico his father was 40 in 1810 he may have been born around 1769-1771. Please let me know if you accept US dollars, I would like to send a donation to the church knowing that my ancestors came from there.

Thanks again for all your help


Christopher Mosca"

Thanks again for the help with the translation!!!!
Looking for the surnames Mosca( Marches ), Pizzoglio (Piedmonte), Chiacchiera, Lobasso(Bari), Gallo(Malvito), Azzolina (Messina).

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