Luigi Giovanetti

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Luigi Giovanetti

Post by MichaelSerchio » 06 Feb 2016, 21:07


Below, there is a marriage record for a Luigi Giovanetti and Annunziata Rinaldi.
Also, there is a death record for a Luigi Giovanetti and an Annunziata Rinaldi.

I'm struggling to read the handwriting, but I am trying to confirm if these records all relate to the same person.

If it's the correct Luigi, he is the son of Giovanni Antonio Giovanetti and Maria Domenica Agostini.
His wife, Annunziata Rinaldi, should be the daughter of Giuseppe Rinaldi and Margherita Renucci.
My understanding is that both Luigi and Annunziata were born in Barga, and the records are for a nearby town, so I'm not sure they are the same people.

Any help you can give, in particular to translate Luigi's death record - which is the one I'm finding hardest to read - would be very much appreciated.

Can you tell me if they died in Coreglia Antelminelli or in nearby Tereglio?

Marriage record (ref 27 ) :
http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... 4.jpg.html

Luigi Death record (ref 19 ) : ... cc=2043811

Annunziata Death record (ref 8 ) : ... cc=2043811

Thank you very much in advance

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Re: Luigi Giovanetti

Post by Tessa78 » 06 Feb 2016, 21:52

The marriage index identifies the parents... though it is hard to read the surname of the mother of the bride (looks like Minucci)
Groom: Luigi Giovanetti, son of Giovanni Antonio [Giovanetti] and Domenica Agostini. He is age 22, a peasant farmer and it looks like he resides in Coreglia, possibly born in Montefegatesi (this is east of Tereglio)
Bride: Annunziata Rinaldi, daughter of Giuseppe [Rinaldi] and Margherita Minucci??? (it looks like an "i" in the second place), is age 20, and probably born in Tiglio as this is where the marriage took place on 4 July 1823. It was act #54.

This death act for Luigi Giovanetti... death in Tereglio on 14 April 1867 at 9:30 PM
He is son of deceased Antonio [Giovanetti] and of Maria Domenica Carletti, husband of Annunziata Rinaldi
He was age 64 making birth about 1803 --- making his age slightly off from marriage (age 22 in 1823)

The death act for Annunziata Rinaldi... death in Tereglio on 23 March 1883
She is the daughter of (both deceased) Giuseppe [Rinaldi] and Margherita Renucci.
She was born in Tiglio, resided in Tereglio; wife of deceased Luigi Giovanetti.
She was age 80 making birth about 1803 --- this agrees with age of 20 in marriage index of 1823.


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