Multi Name Records- The End

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Multi Name Records- The End

Post by Lisapeters65 » 15 Jul 2016, 01:56

This is the end of the familiar names I found on the first 100 pages of the church records of Santa Maria Maddalena in Borgetto.
These 8 pages have several records that I thought had familiar names.
Thanks for any help that anyone can give.

1. Randazzo, Raccuglia, Salvia? ... cat=830402

2.Barretta, Rappa? ... cat=830402

3.Raccuglia, Rappa? ... cat=830402

4.Raccuglia, Frisina? ... cat=830402

5.Raccuglia, DiMarco, Barretta? ... cat=830402

6.Randazzo, Rappa? ... cat=830402

7.Raccuglia, DiMarco? ... cat=830402

8.Rappa, Amato? ... cat=830402

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