Is this the same couple?

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Is this the same couple?

Post by Pontiusmaximus » 03 Oct 2016, 21:10

I have found a civil marriage record and a marriage record from Santa Maria Magdalena in Borgetto of a couple with the names Stephano Leto and Josepha Rappa in 1883. I have found no other with those names in either the civil or church indexes. However, a couple of facts seem to contradict my thought that they are the same couple. An extra pair of eyes may help me see something I am missing. First is the dates, one being in Aug 1883 and one in Oct of that year. And second in the mother's name for Josepha Rappa. The church document says the mother's name is 'Marianna' and the civil document indicates the mother's name is 'Angela'.

church record - left side ... cc=2046915

civil record - left side ... cc=2051639

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Re: Is this the same couple?

Post by AngelaGrace56 » 03 Oct 2016, 23:07

I think that the priest possibly wrote the bride's mother's name incorrectly. I am seeing that both father's were deceased and both mothers still living in both records. I can't see any ages mentioned in the Church record so can't see whether they match. Can you?

Here's their Publication: ... cc=2051639

Hopefully someone who is expert at reading Latin records will confirm.


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