Born at sea?

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Born at sea?

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I've read conflicting records that Carmelo Pellegrini (bottom left of the image) may have been born at sea. I've managed to locate his birth records, but I cannot read anything other than the dates and parents' names. Can anyone please tell me, does this record mention anything about being born at sea please?
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Image citation:
"Italia, Lucca, Lucca, Stato Civile (Tribunale), 1866-1929," images, FamilySearch ( ... C350066302 : 22 May 2014), Lucca > Barga > Nati 1866-1887 > image 437 of 1845; Tribunale di Lucca (Lucca Court, Lucca).
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Re: Born at sea?

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No mention of being born at sea. He was born at home.

Dated 17 July 1870 at 9:30 AM in the town hall of Barga.
Before the official... appeared Luigi Pellegrini (son of Agostino), age 31, laborer residing in this town in the Tiglio section/neighborhood, to declare that at 2 PM on the 15th of July to his wife Giudetta Begni (of unknown father) residing with him at their home in the above place known as Giucheto(?), was born a male child to whom was given the name CARMELO GIOVANNI. The presentation of the child was dispensed with because of the distance. Witnesses to the declaration: Giuseppe Bonacorsi, 39, farmer; and Giovanni Nardi, 25, farmer.


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