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Post by jenalonso » 04 Aug 2007, 03:25

I sent an email requesting info on my family to Naples a few months ago. I didn't understand it, so stupidly I sent another email with more info but I have gotten no additional response. Can someone please tell me what the below emails mean and how I can get the Naples gov't to do serious research and respond to my request?

Thank you. Here it is (it looks like there actualy are 2 emails - did someone forward my email to another department?):
Si trasmette per competenza . :
IL Dirigente
dott. Gennaro Cavallaro

-----Inoltrato da Servizio Anagrafe - Elettorale/comunena/it il 15/01/2007 14.43 -----

Per: <>
Da: "Redazione URP" <>
Data: 12/01/2007 15.57
Cc: "Jennifer Alonso" <>
Oggetto: Re: Certificati di nascita...

Si trasmette l'allegata e-mail per il riscontro di competenza. Urp centrale
D.ssa Ferrazzo
Searching for the Italian origin of "Nostrame."
Searching for Nostrame, Mangiacapre, Cherubino, DiPascuale, Franco, Porto, D'Addona, DiLibero.

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