Contacting Civil Office In Bivona

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Contacting Civil Office In Bivona

Post by Giambrone » 21 Dec 2007, 19:06

Received this email from Bivona the other day:
contattarmi come crede più opportuno. I nostri uffici sono aperti tutti
i giorni dalle 08,00 alle 14,00 tranne il sabato ed i giorni festivi,
il lunedì ed il mercoledì siamo aperti acnhe dalle 15,30 alle 18,30. Il
numero di telefono diretto è 0922 983060.

L'Ufficiale dello Stato Civile

Domenico Reina

Is their anyone that can give them a call and get me the marriage record for Don Giambrone and Josephine Lazzara they were married April 10, 1903 in Bivona. Also I am looking for the birth record for Josephine Lazzara born in 1885 and her mother and father and siblings. Her parents where James Lazzara and Rosalie.

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Re: Contacting Civil Office In Bivona

Post by Poipuo4 » 21 Dec 2007, 19:22

I know you already e-mailed them, but perhaps you can just write them a letter with your requests and send it via snail mail. Make sure it is in Italian. has some good form letters. I would advise, however, to limit your requests to one or two documents if you want a response. I have never telephoned for documents; always requested via post and always received a response.

You may want to contact Ricbru or Sunaj on this board. They have a business which obtains these types of documents, if you do not want to do the legwork yourself. However, for me, it is personally rewarding to do the legwork myself. Good luck ;)

P.S. Check out the LDS guide for obtaining Italian Records for more information: ... cestor.asp

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