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translation please

Post by davidlatour » 19 Jun 2008, 03:49

Could someone help me translate this letter? Thanks so much!

In past correspondance, you confirmed that the surname Ferraro is present in the records of Acri, Cosenza while the name of my great-grandmother, Rosaria Ferraro, was not found on the date I mentioned. I did further research and now believe that my great-grandmother may have been born around October 8 of 1893.

If the record is found, I would appreciate it if you could mail me 3 original copies of the certificate. Please bill me for the postage. Thank you so much for your help.
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Re: translation please

Post by nuccia » 19 Jun 2008, 05:20

Can I make a suggestion?

I have found that its much easier if you don't go into too many details. Sometimes people hesitate to look for things if they know you have already had them search and they sent you a negative reply.

Rewrite the letter and request the information for Rosaria Ferraro with the new birth date and request the act (long version, not the extract) which will provide more info..unless its the certificate you're actually after. Since they are photocopies of the originals, why not ask for one and photocopy them yourself? Or, if you need them for citizenship or a seal then you can request them to sent three copies.

If all else fails, and they don't find a copy of the information you want, you can try ordering the microfilms from the FHC for that year or ask the comune to do a 5 year search.

Just some thoughts... :)
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