Finding Palmieri or Masi Relatives in Forenza, Potenza

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Re: Finding Palmieri or Masi Relatives in Forenza, Potenza

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It has been almost 3 years and I want to thank all those who gave me information and direction. I have recently progressed after getting Maria Angela Masi's certificate of birth from Angelo Iasi to get Cristina Masi's birth certification in 1860 with her parents' names, Raffaele Masi and Angela Maria Maula. I also got the death records of Raffaele and Angela Maria with their parents. This then took me back beyond 1860 which there are records at the Family History Center and I ordered 3 microfilms from 1854-1860. I am building a database of all names associated, but was not able to get from Angelo Iasi Antonio Palmieri's birth certification. He was apparently born in 1863 after available records and was told by Angelo not to ask for any more on our last correspondence after bugging him for two years to get Cristina's information.

As presumed, my grandmother's birth did NOT have a father on it so they were not married which makes sense that Maria Angela would have went by Masi in Italy and on immigration and that is why she indicated she was going to see her "uncle" Antonio Palmieri, not her father. Somewhere, but unable to locate how I had Antonio's father as Domenico and in my research of the 6 years 1854-1860 I have come across other births from a Domenico Palmieri and a Marianna Ruo. Now on Maria Angela's immigration she said her home contact was uncle Marianna Reiovre??(should be aunt, but probably grandmother)! There are no Ruvas as stated in a post below and in my research no Ruvos either that were born married or died, but there were Ruos. (The online Forenza white pages has both Ruo, Ruvo and Ruco today).

I am trying to get Tony Palm's (Antonio Palmieri's) naturalization document which he did plea for Citizenship on Nov 24, 1941 per another post. Anyone know of another way or has a friend who can contact Forenza and look at the 14 Sep 1863 births for his record? What about someone in Italy that would charge to get the one document? The database has 75 Palmieris in it from the 6 years so far and I am anxious to connect people. Does anyone think based on the above that Marianna Ruo is the grandmother and that I should go with that? Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you allagain.
Names in family: Palmieri, Masi, Di Cesare, De Cesare, Marchitelli, Andriulli, Cimaligno, Lippa, Carriero, Di Brittii, Bianchi, Tantalo, Eletto, Basile, Contuzzi, Mastrella, Lacanfora, Venezia
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Re: Finding Palmieri or Masi Relatives in Forenza, Potenza

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You list one of your family names as Negro when in fact it may be Nigro pronounced as Negro. There are several families from Rionero in Vulture with the last name Nigro, including my family. And there are extensive records of Nigros in Rionero in Vulture in
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