Fusco Family of Villa Latina, Italy (1849-1861)

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Fusco Family of Villa Latina, Italy (1849-1861)

Post by Scottclair625 » 18 Aug 2009, 23:30

I'm looking for information on my great-great-grandfather, Benedetto Fusco (1849-1927)'s siblings.

They were the children of Pasquale Antonio Fusco (b.23/1/1826) and Celesta D'Agostino (b.1819) who married in Italy on 8/2/1849. (Incidentally, if anyone could find me death dates for these two also that would be greatly appreciated!)

The children (other than my great-great-grandfather) were:

Rosa Fusco (b. 22/11/1852)
Fortunato Giacinto Fusco (b. 3/4/1855)
Giovanni Fusco (b. 13/12/1861)

My great-great-grandfather married and came to live in the UK, but I have absolutely no info on his siblings or parents other than birth dates.

Can anyone provide me with any information on his siblings, eg. who they married and when, if/when they had any children and their names, which would help me trace any current living relations in Italy or wherever they are. It's my dream to eventually get these lines down so far that I can find current living descendants.

Please help!!


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Re: Fusco Family of Villa Latina, Italy (1849-1861)

Post by PeterTimber » 19 Aug 2009, 14:17

The Mormon church family history library has microfilm civic records from 1833 to 1865 for Villa Latina. Obtainthe companionbook Discovering Your Italian Ancestors by Lynn Nelson to help you decipher the entries. The fee is about $5.00 and you can locate your nearest library by going to
www.familysearch.org for location nearest your home. =Peter=

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