Masi or Palmieri Relatin Potenza Province, Basilicata, Italy

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Masi or Palmieri Relatin Potenza Province, Basilicata, Italy

Post by JerryD57 » 27 Oct 2009, 01:01

I am trying to find relatives in Forenza or nearby, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy that my grandmother and great grandparents came from.

Antonio Palmieri was born about 1863 (14 Sep 1863 on California death record as Anthony Palm), married or was with Christina Masi between 1885 and 1890 and had Arcangela Masi (she kept her mother's name as her mother's first husband had left several years before and was assumed dead, but unknown at the time) on 8 Oct 1891 as an only child from them ( there might have been another boy, Vincenzo, from the marriage to the husband whose name is unknown). The husband came back after 7 years or so, found the new child and Antonio Palmieri and took his son and left with him. Christina soon died "of a broken heart(?)" and Arcangela was then raised by her Masi grandparents in 1898 the same year Antonio came to America. When Arcangela became 18 she came to join her father in Fresno, California in 1910 and then was known as Arcangela Palmieri (vs Masi). She married Giuseppe De Cesare in 1914.

Not sure of where they were born, only that Arcangela told her daughter she was from Potenza Province, that Antonio Palmieri's last place on his passenger list was Forenza, my aunt (Arcangela's daughter) had correspondence with cousins in Forenza and, just found, Maschito (which I wrote to by e-mail last night with same questions), and that there are Palmieri's and Masi's in Forenza's white pages. Other cousins mentioned on note found last night were Maria Zotto, Liugina de Leonardo and Cristina Russo. These would all be related to either Masi or Palmieri. I also wrote to a nearby town that I could find an e-mail, Acerenza. Hope someone finds this to be a connection.

This is basically the same as a previous post, but I didn't want to limit it to Forenza as they apparently did not come from there, just nearby? Any help??? Thank you.
Names in family: Palmieri, Masi, Di Cesare, De Cesare, Marchitelli, Andriulli, Cimaligno, Lippa, Carriero, Di Brittii, Bianchi, Tantalo, Eletto, Basile, Contuzzi, Mastrella, Lacanfora, Venezia

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