Location Convento San Angelo?

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Location Convento San Angelo?

Post by iolanda2 » 01 Nov 2009, 20:49

In about 1912, my grandmother left my aunt, ( who was 9 years old ) in a convent while she came to America to visit my grandfather. My aunt remained in this convent until 1915.
I need help in finding the name and location of this convent.
The family was living in Mercatino Marrecchia in 1911, which is today named Novafeltria, PU Le Marche.
Do not think the name of the convent was San Angelo. From a picture I have taken in 1968, it appears to be a hill town, but the skyline does not appear to match Sant Agata Feltria.

I cannot determine from the angle of this picture if the skyline is possibly Sant Angelo in Vado.

Would greatly appreciate some assistance with this problem.
My picture as a jpeg is too large to post on this site

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Re: Location Convento San Angelo?

Post by PeterTimber » 04 Nov 2009, 00:12

You might wish to go to NOVAFELTRIA with the website www.tuttitalia.it/emilia-romagna/63-novafeltria and to the right is the website for the tourist portion of Novafeltria. If you go to www.comune.novafeltria.pu.it/index.php?id=13096 you may find some prints and fotos of the comune to start you off. =Peter=

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