Moving in 1800's Italy-Panichella

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Moving in 1800's Italy-Panichella

Post by cubsy2 » 03 Jul 2010, 18:18

I was lucky enough to find my great grandmother's birth info in the town of Bonito. (Maria Arcangiola Panichella June 15 1876).

The birth record of course lists her parents name. I found her mother's info. Her father's info and surname do not appear before my great grandmother's generation in Bonito.

How common would it be to move in the 1800's in Italy? i would have to assume that being a peasant farmer that you wouldn't be able to go that far, but would go where an oppurtunity presented itself. Panichella hardly exists in Italy anymore.
(I am waiting on marriage films from this town...maybe they will yield a clue?)

I thought maybe i would look in the nearest towns to Bonito. (i already know there were no Panichella's in Mirabella Eclano.) i guess Grottamindarda, Fontanarosa to start. any other ideas?


Researching: Guarino, Di Prisco, Zizza, Panichella, Magno,and now Antonelli, and Calvo....with a few others sprinkled in. Towns: Mirabella Eclano and Bonito (so far).

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Re: Moving in 1800's Italy-Panichella

Post by misbris » 03 Jul 2010, 18:47

Try using these sites. Looks like the name is most common in Molise.

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