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Joni wrote:
22 Sep 2004, 04:17
This is the first post I am attempting. If your family is from Piana dei Greci in the Palermo province, it is now called Piana degli Albanesi. I have been there several times and it is a wonderful comune, I have a great deal of information on the families that came from there, many came to New Orleans, some to Wisconsin and to California, there is a large group of us in Sacramento California who are researching the entire comune and may be able to help you.... Perhaps your family left from a port in Naples but were actually from Piana, that is not too uncommon.
I know this is a long shot as this is a very old post at this point, but..... My family, last name Shiro, came from here as well and immigrated to New Orleans. I would LOVE more information if you had it!

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