Bompietro/Petralia Soprana

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Bompietro/Petralia Soprana

Post by gottogetit » 19 Dec 2010, 04:45

Some documents i am gathering say Birthplace of my GM as Bompietro and some documents say Petralia Soprana. Today i received a Birth record from Petralia Soprana. Name is correct birth year is off.

My question is does Petralia Soprana handle the birth records for Bompietro since they are so close?



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Re: Bompietro/Petralia Soprana

Post by Marcello_DAleo » 11 Jan 2011, 21:03

Bompietro is a comune near to Petralia Soprana, founded in XVII-XVIII century. Originally the church of Bompietro was under the authority of the parish church of Petralia Soprana. In fact in that parish archive you can find the oldest acts of baptism, marriage and death of Bompietro (since the origin to the end of XVIII century).
In the parish church archive of Bompietro you can find acts of baptism, marriage and death since the end of XVIII century till today.
In the Comune of Bompietro (office of Stato Civile) you can find acts of birth, marriage and death since 1820 till today.
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