Marsico Nuovo, Basilicata

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Marsico Nuovo, Basilicata

Post by autumn4680 » 24 Mar 2011, 13:19

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to Italy in a few days and have arranged to spend a few hours in Marsico Nuovo on my last day (the town my family is from). I won't have a lot of time and it will be a Saturday. I'm not sure the town hall will be open on Saturday, but I am hoping to find a cemetery. I know of at least one ancestor who's death record is from Marsico, so I assume he is buried there. Does anyone know anything about this town or its' cemeteries? Any suggestions for maximizing my 4 hours in town?

Thanks for your advice!

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Re: Marsico Nuovo, Basilicata

Post by johnnyonthespot » 24 Mar 2011, 13:42

I can't offer much help, but there are several nice photos here ... %26tab%3D1

More images here ... co%20Nuovo

Town offices are almost certainly closed on Saturday and may very well only be open a few hours per day / a few days per week.

A town of this size (~5,000 persons) probably has just the one town-owned "cimitero" - it shouldn't be that hard to locate.

My hobby is finding things. Having found most of my own, I am happy to help others find theirs. PM me! :)

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