quindici, Avellino, Mochano (?)

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quindici, Avellino, Mochano (?)

Post by pmanzi » 29 Aug 2004, 23:23

Looking for the proper spelling of a city near Avellino. sounds something like Mochano. Grandmother came from there. Grandfather came from Avellino. Apparently there was a fire in the building where all vital records were kept in Avellino (or so I am told) for records up to about 1900. Looking for info on Filippo MANZI from Avellino. He married Maria Palma from Mochano(?) which is supposedly a nearby town. (pmanzie@hotmail.com)

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Re: quindici, Avellino, Mochano (?)

Post by ptimber » 30 Aug 2004, 00:57

Moschiano, Postale 83020, Province of Avellino. Records for Moschiano found under Quindici Avellino at the family history library of the Mormon church nearest your home dating back to 1809 to 1899. Records are housed in Quindici where Moschiano records were micorfilmed with Quaindici records but kept separately. Peter

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Re: quindici, Avellino, Mochano (?)

Post by JamesBianco » 01 Jan 2005, 13:17

My great grandmother was

Rosa Fusco Born 21 September 1898 Quindici, Avellino, Italy
she married at Springfield, MA. 25 October 1917,
Diego Domenico"John" Bianco, and had my paternal grandfather Paul in 1918. Ive used the Quindici records from the Stato at my local Family History Center (LDS).
Rosa's ancestry in Quindici is:

Giuseppe Fusco (born 1875)
Celeste Siniscalchi (1877-1943 Springfield)


Felice Fusco and Antonia Grasso
Michele Siniscalchi and Agnes MANZI

Agnes Manzi was born 12 February 1853 Quindici the daughter of
Antonio Manzi and Angela Lumardo.

From family stories it appears that Quindici was founded by 15 thieves from Naples. I once had a distant relative send me an article on this.

I have Manzi back to Michele's parents Diego Manzi and Nicoletta Santaniello. If you ever connect to them let me know I have a lot of descendants in my database.

Jim Bianco

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