Carmela Castiglione

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Carmela Castiglione

Post by Sangerine » 22 Jun 2011, 00:44


I'm turning to you for more help. Thanks to Mr. Adelfio finding my grandfather's birth certificate which gave his parent's name I am now going to try to learn something of my great grandmother Carmela Castiglione. If I'm right, I believe I found her name coming to this country Feb. 21, 1917 at the age of 65, it seems to fit the year I figured she was born. The ship's record show her last residence as Canicatti. I am now planning on writing to Canicatti and ask if they have her birth record. This is the part I need your help. Do you have an address for Canicatti. I am also going to write to Casteltermini and ask for my great grandfather's birth certificate. I kept that address you gave me. One more thing, what is the family record? Is it possible to request such a thing,

Thank you for all your past help.

Sangerine (Sandi)

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Re: Carmela Castiglione

Post by johnnyonthespot » 22 Jun 2011, 01:27

Here you go:

Ufficio dello Stato Civile
Comune di Canicattì
Palazzo di Città
Corso Umberto I°
92024 Canicattì AG

web: ... Pagina/426

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Re: Carmela Castiglione

Post by adelfio » 22 Jun 2011, 02:04

Instead of writing to Canicatti Family History Library has films for
Registri dello stato civile di Canicattì (Agrigento), 1821-1910 birth marriage and death
Family history Lbrary locator ... et_fhc.asp
Italian records ... al_Records
Films available ... i+Canicatt++
Ordering films ... ory_Center
Reading italian records ... ion_Guide/
Also the same is available for Casteltermini from Family History Library ... +Castelter++
Just look for the possible birth dates from both towns and order the films before you go writing to Italy

Marty A
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