Orphanage in ACERRA

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Re: Orphanage in ACERRA

Post by JohnArmellino » 10 Jan 2005, 17:02

I am looking for Carmanine DURO who was born in Acerra Italy probably in the 1850's or early 1860's. The story is that he was dropped off at an orphanage or a convent in Acerra as an infant, and he was given the name DURO which means "tough".
Carmine Duro might have been abandoned at a ruota di proietto [foundlings’ home]. Infant abandonment was common practice in Italy, where approximately 4-5% of the children born in the late 19th century were abandoned. In Campobasso, the area of my research, the date of abandonment and the name given to the foundling were recorded in the Registri della Stato Civile, together with an estimate of the foundling’s age and the name of the wet-nurse (and her husband) into whose care the foundling was given. The names of the parents are not given (unless they reclaimed the child at a later date), and to my knowledge the ruota di proietto did not keep records of the parents, even if known. These records were sometimes filed with the birth records, but at other times they were kept separately and can be found with the atti di diversi. Proietti were baptized and I imagine that the church would record these baptisms; unfortunately, I have been unable to access the church records in my comune and have no experience with such records. Hopefully, Carmine Duro was an orphan rather than an abandoned infant and you will be able to ascertain his parentage. However, a check of the proietto records might give you either closure or direction.
John Armellino

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