Street names 1850

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Street names 1850

Post by Repetto » 07 Jul 2012, 20:13

Hi, This site has been a great help to me in finding my relatives in Camogli. I have the birth certificate of my G-G-Grandfather and his parents marriage certificate. I have the street he was born in, but it does not exist any more. I have been told that they change the name of the roads/streets every 100yrs or so. How true this is I do not know, but I think the only way to find the street is to have a map of the time he was born. Does anyone know where I can get a street map of Camogli for 1850.
Many Thanks

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Re: Street names 1850

Post by Paolo47 » 08 Jul 2012, 12:44

Hello, :D
After reading about the history of this little seaside comune,
there appears to have been a lot of changes in the time frame you are looking.

My suggestion would be to write the municipal office and ask them.

You might try contacting Realtors in Camogli

Good luck,
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