famiglia riberi ansaldi (limone, cuneo, piemonte 1840)

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famiglia riberi ansaldi (limone, cuneo, piemonte 1840)

Post by vero25@italiangenealogy.c » 16 Jan 2005, 17:35

My name is Verónica Aldunate Riberi, I´m
woman lawyer and I live in Santiago of Chile. I´m
interested in to communicate me to with you because
I´m in search of information about possible relatives
that he may have in Argentina and Italy

I consider it, my great-great-grandfather
Limone's commune, Cuneo, Piedmont the June 17, 1850 (
according to it is evident in his birth certificate
that he acts in in my power ); Giovanni Andrea
Riberi's son and Rosa Ansaldi, both tradespeople. In
October 1887 he emigrated to proceeding Buenos Aires
from Genoa, the arrived in the ship of name M.
Minghetti. I´m ignorant of how, when and which way he
emigrated to Chile. He married in Iquique ( Chile ) in
1890 and he perished at the same city the January 10,
1901. The quest at my country has turned out to be
very difficult to me because very few were the
Italian immigrants arrived Chile and because the
Italian consulate in Iquique got burnt at the
beginning of the century happened; The majority of
information that I possess I have obtained it through
Internet, the register office of Chile, and a Italian
institution that he helps Italians's descendants named
INCA: Italian National institute Confederated of
Asistencia and the civic Italians's Tutela (
Direction: Tucapel jimenez 34, Santiago, Chile;
Telephone:(56)(02)6954609 Fax:(56)(02)6989474 ).

I hope so you, may provide me any
information, in advance I thank his valuable
collaboration. According to data confirmed, I show off
that my great-great-grandfather was having several
brethren, some of them would have gotten to Buenos
Aires with him; According to data obtained in a page
Argentine Web he would be Pietro's german potentials:
1) María Prosperina Riberi
2) Orsola Magherita o María Orsola o María Magherita
3) Pietyro Giovanni Riberi
4) Americo Pietro Riberi
5) Constantino María Riberi
6) Sebastiano Riberi
7) Carlo Riberi (*)
8) Severino Mario Riberi
9) Massimo Andrea Riberi

Especial mention merit me the Sr Carlo Riberi
(*) arrived Argentine the 19 one belonging to dic of
1887, also proceeding from Genoa in the ship Duca Di
Galliera and another Sr of surname Riberi that they
emigrated to Buenos Aires in the same Ship than my
grandfather and in the same date that he, his brethren
or cousins would be what I show off for, or close
relations, they are :
1) Mateo Riberi
2) Lucía Riberi
3) Francesco Riberi

In like manner, a list with the Riberi arrived
Argentine exists, among themselves they take part :
1 ) Giovanni Riberi: Assignor of Genoa in the ship
Espagne in 1889
2 ) Giovanni Riberi: Also proceeding from Genoa in the
Ship Washington in 1885.

waiting for to receive news his,
of yours says good-bye attentively ...


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Re: famiglia riberi ansaldi (limone, cuneo, piemonte 1840)

Post by ptimber » 16 Jan 2005, 19:23

Veronica no asistio todavia la CEMLA en B.A.? Que hizo hasta este punto en su busqueda? Estos son las cosas que yo quiero conocer porque no queiro "recrear la rueda" haciendo trabjao ya hecho. Peter

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