PROVAGLIO SOPRA (Brescia) Parish records on Family TREE

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PROVAGLIO SOPRA (Brescia) Parish records on Family TREE

Post by trevisan2 » 12 Mar 2013, 17:07

Provaglio Sopra, Val Sabbia, Brescia, Italy parish records are now on FAMILY TREE site.
8000 names. The records start at about 1800 to 1940. The records were somehow destroyed by some construction workers and do not exist before 1800's.

the registers of the S. Michele Arcangelo in Provaglio Sopra parish church in the Comune (municipality) Provaglio Val Sabbia, Brescia, Italy. The records were extracted and compiled by Italian- accredited genealogist Dr. Trafford R. Cole PhD. of the Italian Genealogical Institute between 2000-2012.

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Before 1928 Provaglio Sopra was its own Comune (municipality) and separate from the Provaglio Sotto Comune (municipality). After 1928 both were officially knows as Provaglio Val Sabbia, but locally often retained their old names. At times the Parish Priest wrote place names like, “Provaglio, Provaglio Val Sabbia”, or “Val Sabbia”, which refers to this general area without being specific to the exact village in the Provaglio area (Villages: Provaglio Sotto, Provaglio Sopra, Cesane, Marzago, Mastanico, Barnico, Cedessano, Arvenino, Livrio and Arveaco). ... chia=16191

Please refer to the specific parish name to know where your ancestor's act took place, because Provaglio Sotto and Provaglio Sopra are two separate towns, with separate churches.

Researching in the provincia di Treviso, Italy, Provaglio Sopra, Val Sabbia of Brescia.
Domege di Cadore, Cavalo, Fumane, Verona

Forno di Rivara, TO, Canischio, TO

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