Foggia Faeto

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Foggia Faeto

Post by TangoChaser » 27 Aug 2013, 18:29

Tracked my grandfathers entry to the US in 1907. He was born in Faeto in 1897. At this point there is too much Italian I just don't understand and sites requiring sign up fee's to view documents that may or may not be there or even relevant. I have everything from ships manifest to present day. Need help and willing to pay to located and obtain copy of grandfathers birth record from Italy and anything from his parents whom I have my great grandfathers name.

message / post or contact j.robertcarosiello@gmail thanks

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Re: Foggia Faeto

Post by erudita74 » 28 Aug 2013, 12:25

The 1897 birth records are not online. You will have to write or email the town.

Comune di Faeto
Via Cappella n. 1
71020 Faeto (Fg)


To help you write in Italian, you can refer to one of the following websites: ... tters.html ... -index.asp


By the way, the website is free. You may have to just sign up with a username and password and that is all. There are some online records for the town that you can then access

Italy, Foggia, Lucera, Ci...on (Tribunale), 1866-1910

Record Type and Year

Allegati (vari) 1866-1878
Allegati (vari) 1879-1893
Allegati (vari) 1893-1904
Allegati (vari) 1905-1910
Nati, matrimoni, pubblicazioni, morti 1866-1876
Nati, matrimoni, pubblicazioni, morti 1876-1890


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