Atessa/Chieti/Abruzzo Records from 1866-onward?

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Atessa/Chieti/Abruzzo Records from 1866-onward?

Post by 113yearslater » 25 Jan 2014, 00:19

Hello! Nice to be here. :-) I have a question about a particular comune in Italy and whether its records have survived.

I've got 50% of my family tree originating in Atessa (both grandmothers) in Chieti, and am naturally very anxious to access the civil records from that location. I've been able to do this at for two other towns, Marsicovetere and Nereto, where my grandfathers are from. In some cases, I was able to see the scans online, and in others I had to order microfilm rolls from Salt Lake City. These records range from 1866-1910 at least, and some go back to 1809.

However, there are no online records for Atessa nor any microfilms post-1865. I'm concerned that there may be some catastrophic reason for this, like a fire, earthquake, or flood that wiped out the post-1866 records.

I've asked the FamilySearch folks if this were the case but received only a form answer that wasn't helpful.

Might anyone else here have done a bit of searching in Atessa and be able to reassure me that the records at least exist someplace and will likely appear online or in microfilm in time? I'm really worried that their city hall burnt down in World War II, or something horrible like that. :-(

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Re: Atessa/Chieti/Abruzzo Records from 1866-onward?

Post by PippoM » 25 Jan 2014, 08:55

You can write an email to

to ask if they have such registers.
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