Help with Napoli

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Help with Napoli

Post by tomtst » 18 May 2014, 13:27

My grandmothers family was from Napoli (Sgueglia). The LDS website has many records from Napoli but they are broken down into many sections (Acerra, Casoria, Castellammare, etc.) There are 27 of them. I am told the family was close to the downtown Napoli. Before I search all the 1868 birth records for all the sections of Napoli can someone tell me where to start my search?

Below is the LDS page link I am looking at. ... Id=1927178

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Re: Help with Napoli

Post by johnnyonthespot » 18 May 2014, 13:39

Probably not much help, but a couple of things to look at:

Here are the current telephone listings for Sgueglia in Naples province: ... apoli&l=en; try looking for at the most common comune names first.

And here is another: ... 3ibICgpenp. Click the densly populated area of the map to see a larger view and then pick the comuni which appear to be good candidates based on the map.

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