Santa Giustina? Voltri? Genova.

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Santa Giustina? Voltri? Genova.

Post by Soledad » 23 Aug 2014, 07:01

Hi all!
I'm doing a research, i'm from Argentina and i found some documents about my family. My Great Grandfather (Agustín Cánepa) and Great Grandmother (Nicolasa Massa) in some documents they say that they are from "Voltri, Genova", but there's one Document where they say: "Santa Giustina, Genova".

Do you know if that "Santa Giustina" it's on Voltri? Or i'm not sure why there's two different cities.


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Re: Santa Giustina? Voltri? Genova.

Post by PeterTimber » 23 Aug 2014, 15:40

Santa Giustina is a "frazione" (an absorbed suburb of the comune STELLA- where records and documents are archived for Santa Giustina. Voltri is ( se encuentra en el camino a Genova y nada mas con un apodo Voltri)

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