Giovanni Veronese family of Schio, Italy

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Giovanni Veronese family of Schio, Italy

Post by blsmrm » 15 Feb 2015, 00:47


I am looking for birth, death,and marriage information for Giovanni Veronese and his wife, Teresa Faccin, both born in the area of Schio, Italy.
I know they had a daughter, Rosa Veronese Dalle Nogare born May 29, 1865. She died July 7, 1943 in the area of Schio, Italy. Giovanni and Teresa may have had a son, Giovanni, born 1866 and died October 8, 1928.

My main goal is to see if there are still descendants of the Veronese, Faccin or Dalle Nogare families still living in the Schio, Italy.

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Re: Giovanni Veronese family of Schio, Italy

Post by Anizio » 15 Feb 2015, 02:13

You could try requesting a certificato di stato di famiglia storico, with Giovanni Veronese as the Capo. It would cost you $5 Euros per name, at least thats the usual cost, but it will give your a record of the whole family. You could also inquire, before sending the request, if they would be willing to include as many descendants as they know of.

I did this in the town of San Costanzo in Pesaro e Urbino, and they sent me a huge family for the entire 1800s, containing over 25 names. Worth a shot if you're open to paying for it.

Side note: this sort of question is best for "Italian Genealogy" not "locations in italy" - this board is more for questions about towns, not families
TIP: When asking for records from Italy, do NOT ask for an "estratto." ALWAYS ask for a "copia integrale." A photocopy of the original Act will contain more information

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Re: Giovanni Veronese family of Schio, Italy

Post by Robin B Mc » 15 Feb 2015, 03:58 have vital records for Schio on microfilm 1806-1905: ... %20Library

Short term loans on microfilm cost $7.50 if you're in the US - you'll need a free account with to order them, and you'll have to select your local Family History Center. The film then gets shipped to the Family History Center you designated in your account and you can view it there during their opening hours. The film will remain at that center for 90 days from the shipping date with the short term loan.

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