help finding location in Veneto (Lucchini / Lamberti)

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help finding location in Veneto (Lucchini / Lamberti)

Post by pasian » 30 Apr 2015, 18:58

Hi guys, first time using the forum.

I´m looking for any info concerning the comune of origin of the following couple:

Gaetano LUCCHINI and wife Giovanna LAMBERTI.

who left italy in 1888. had following children in Italy:

Giuseppe - born 3.5.1876 (where?)
Umberto -born 6.6.1878 (where?)
Antonia - born c.1883
Arpace -born c.1886

All I know is that they came from the Veneto region. but the exact location is a mistery.

Any suggestions?

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