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Post by Anizio » 19 Aug 2015, 22:17


I have a bit of a mystery on my hand with my mother's father's line, the Gentili.

My mother's family seems to be exclusively from Le Marche, 90% Pesaro e Urbino.
In 1778 my one ancestor, Alessandro Gentili (resident of Montemaggiore al Metauro) married Girolama Renzoni (resident of Poggio, a town now part of San Giorgio di Pesaro).

Girolama was born in San Costanza.
Alessandro though is listed as being born in "Barneo."

Where on Earth (or in Italy :wink: ) is Barneo?
The only place I can find is Barneo in Torino which seems really far away, unless is a Latin version of Bargni...I definitely need help.
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Re: Barneo

Post by PippoM » 24 Aug 2015, 11:05

"Barneo" doesn't remind me of any place. However, if you (or someone for you) have access to the church registers this image is taken from, you might look for Alessandro's death record, or his children's baptismal records, to see if his place of origin is better specified.
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