Comune di Tribogna missing?

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Comune di Tribogna missing?

Post by jtorre » 22 Sep 2005, 11:02

The Locations in Italy database is a terrific resource.

However, when I searched it for the comune (aka "township") of Tribogna, it said not found. I tried Piandeipreti, one of the frazione of Tribogna and came up with a list of towns, hamlets etc which were shown as belonging to the "township" of Garbarini. I suspect Garbarini is the frazione where Tribogna's town hall is located.

I checked some other comune that I know well in that part of Prov of Genoa, I found the same anomaly. San Colombano Certenoli was not found. Its frazione were listed as in the township of Chiesa Nuova. Chiesa Nuova is a frazione of San Comombano Certenoli and is where the town hall is located. Same for the comune of Moconesi -- its town hall is in Ferrada. A similar problem exists with the comune of Lorsica. Although there is a frazione called Lorsica, the town hall for the comune is in Figarolo which is the "township" name the database presents.

In this area, the name of the comune and the name of the frazione where the town hall is located (ie, la sede di comune) are not always the same. Is there a way to correct these in the database?

Thanks, J Torre

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