Looking for birth records in Bisuschio

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Looking for birth records in Bisuschio

Post by debbiemfitalian » 17 Jul 2016, 18:24


I believe my great grandfather was born in Bisuschio, Italy. I have emailed the town hall secretary twice, as well as churches. I even translated it to Italian using google. I have not heard back from the town hall. Does anyone know the correct place to request vital records in Bisuschio? I am trying to find his birth record, as well as his parents and any siblings birth records, and marriage certificates for all ( he may have been married in Italy before immigrating to NYC). His name was Ambrogio Bianchi, and he was born December 4, 1862, according to his death certificate ( some census claim other dates in the 1860's). His parents were Agostino Bianchi and Maria Nitti.

Thanks for any help !


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Re: Looking for birth records in Bisuschio

Post by adellagreca » 24 Jul 2016, 17:51

I would start with familysearch.com. They have a 15 day search free.
Good Luck

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Re: Looking for birth records in Bisuschio

Post by paola52 » 24 Jul 2016, 18:17

Hi Debbie
If he was born in 1862 the Comune doesn't have his birth certificate. Until 1866 in Lombardia (Bisuschio is in the Province of Varese) vital records were kept by the parishes and a copy sent to the Diocesan Archive.
Bisuschio has only one parish (San Giorgio Martire; mail address parrocchia.bisuschio@gmail.com) but parishes are understaffed, often relying on voluntary work, so don't expect an answer before September
If you want to try the Diocesan archive, Bisuschio is in the Diocese of Milan and the address of the archive is archivio@diocesi.milano.it
They too are closed in August
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Re: Looking for birth records in Bisuschio

Post by debbiemfitalian » 25 Jul 2016, 15:32

Thank you both ! I am on Family Search and Ancestry. Paola, I just sent you a PM in response to yours, before I saw these posts. I did contact San Giorgio Martire also, and did get a response that they would look in the registry, but it has been awhile since that response. Paola thank you for the link, I will definitely try the Diocesan archive. I am aware that most places are closed in August. Bad timing for me. Thanks again for your help !

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