Le chiese di Calatafimi

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Le chiese di Calatafimi

Post by sacesta » 21 Aug 2016, 16:03

With several lines of ancestors I am suddenly having difficulty finding key marriage records. I suspect many of these couples were married in churches other than La Chiesa Cattolica di San Silvestro Papa di Calatafimi where, to date, I have found every other record of marriage and baptism that I have been looking for along my paternal grandfather's lines.

Family Search has microfilmed the records of two churches in Calatafimi, La Chiesa di San Silvestro Papa and La Chiesa di San Giuliano.

It was simply a stroke of luck that, when I first began my search back in March, I chose the records of San Silvestro Papa. Had I chosen incorrectly, I could have wasted countless hours pouring through the indices of the wrong church. I was also lucky that I found that so many of my ancestors had been baptized and married in that church. In several lines, the records have taken me nine generations out and may extend even further.

I don't know why I'm telling you this, other than to share my experiences with you so it may help you in your own research.

There are several other churches in Calatafimi, but microfilmed records from those churches are not available through Family Search. It seems my next step is to request the records of La Chiesa San Giuliano and see what I may find there. If it turns out that my ancestors were not members of this church, I don't suppose I will send out shotgun written requests to the remaining parishes. That seems unproductive and like more work than I am willing to perform… at least for now :)

Maybe one day the records of those churches will be filmed.

The couples whose marriage records I have been unable to locate are:

Francesco Sciortino & Margherita Mirabella
Joseph Cusenza & Antonina Sabena
Michael Angelo Pampalone & Antonia Chaippara
Vito Sparacino & Giovanna Amoroso
Antonio Barone & Rosaria Spano (His 1st marriage)
Domenico Paolo Pampalone & Rosalia Vivona
Joseph Papa & Francesca Romano
Mariano Zito & ?? Laudicina

Good luck in your searches.

Steve Acesta

Researching Calatafimi, Trapani
Surnames Aceste, Papa, Cusenza, Gruppuso, Sciortino, Sparacino, Zito, and Vona.

Researching Montevago, Agrigento (Girgenti)
Surnames Infranco, La Rocca, Mandina, Bilello, Cacioppo, and Cardino.

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