Vallecupa in Ascoli Piceno

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Vallecupa in Ascoli Piceno

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I am looking for an address in Ascoli PIceno where my ancestors lived. We have in our records that it was Via Vallecupa 77, Ascoli Piceno. When we were there in 2001, my grandmother took us there and I am able to find it via google maps but there isn't an address. It doesn't come up when I try to search it but I know this is the place. I cannot zoom in far enough to see an address on the street or mailbox. In order to a land registry search I need the address or map parcel #, apparently they cannot search by name. It's off that Via Del Giordano on the right there is a long long driveway leading up to the villa on the hill. Please see link below:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Vallecupa in Ascoli Piceno

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It looks on Google maps like it is now part of Via Del Giordano, but the comune in Ascoli should know this. I don't know if this would be helpful: ... +services/

"Personal cadastral and land registry queries: Individuals and legal persons, having rights of ownership or other property rights, can consult, via Fisconline and Entratel services, the cadastral and land registry data bases, to check plans, cadastral incomes, class and typology, cadastral area.
Accessing the cadastral and land registry data bases, it is possible to have information linked to the person or to a specific real estate; to get the map with the land parcel, the plan of the building, the mortgage status."

Good luck with your search!
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