Monteleone di Spoleto

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Monteleone di Spoleto

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According to passenger lists I have found, my great grandmother’s last place of residence WAs Monteleone di Spoleto. I can not find birth records for her anywhere, just that she came here at the age of 27. Being that Her husband came here 7 years earlier and my grandmothers sister was born here a year later that they got married in Italy. Can anyone point me in the right direction to finding out more about my family?

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Re: Monteleone di Spoleto

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Can you provide more information about your GGM?

Name, husband's name, where she settled?

Can you post the arrival manifest?

Maybe we can help...

Meanwhile, if you believe that she was BORN in Monteleone di Spoleto, you can write directly to the comune and request her birth act.
Write your letter in Italian (help below), and include your photo ID and an email address.
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 18
06045 Monteleone di Spoleto (PG)

Help with letters... ... tter3.html ... talrecords


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