Palermo sezioni - Reunite?

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Palermo sezioni - Reunite?

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Hello all,

There is a long thread related to this topic on the genealogy forum (Palermo death indexes) if you are interested in all of the details.

Here's the short version. As you may know, Palermo is divided up into numerous "sezioni" (plural), each with its own set of indexes. There is also a large series of volumes of 10-year indexes of births, of marriages, of deaths, that present the collected document extracts from these separate localities.

The way that the Antenati site has organized the Palermo records, each parish/neighborhood has its own "sezione" (singular) category. In my case, for example, most family records are found in "sezione Sferrocavallo e Tommaso Natale".

There is also a category of "Sezioni Reunite" (plural). This seems to not refer to a geographic location; Google Maps cannot find this as a location (yes, I know, Google is not the best authority, but it's where I start). Instead, "Sezioni Reunite" seems to be where various sets of miscellaneous or misplaced records seem to have ended up.

So I just want to make sure that Sezioni Reunite is not referring to a geographical location in Palermo. Has anyone heard of it?


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Re: Palermo sezioni - Reunite?

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Sezioni Riunite is not a geographic area. It means combined sections. I believe that it contains the combined records for 6 or so of Palermo's sections for at least the years 1862-1865.
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