Steve LEE Apr, 14, 1967 New York

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Steve LEE Apr, 14, 1967 New York

Post by suanj » 05 Apr 2006, 21:47

this is a viceversa topic, that is a US citizen in Italy that it don't remember who he is...


In summer of 2005 in Mestre/Venezia( Venice) town ...a man in railroad, he call the policemen;
the problem: he don't remember nothing,

but remember ONLY

a name: Steve LEE
a date: 14 Apr 1967
a place: New York

he speak english, french, and german,. but this last language(german) he don't want to speak.. it is traumatic for he...
he can read the chinese and also arab language.... he is a intelligent person and of high culture, but he no remember the its name...
here are the movie , where is possible to see it and to listen it


if someone have some info can send a email 8262 @ (NO SPACES PLEASE)
Thanks, suanj
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