Looking for information on family: Melito Irpino (Avellino)

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Looking for information on family: Melito Irpino (Avellino)

Post by Spinazzola » 28 Apr 2006, 08:36

Hi to all. I am looking for information on the Spinazzola family, the Muto family, and/or the Genuito family from Melito Irpino, Avellino province.
(Provincia di Avellino, Minicipio di Melito Irpino, Italia).

I have traced back to my great-grandparents but would like to know more and am interested in learning whether the Spinazzola family came from Spinazzola, Italy (originally) and then migrated to Melito (and why, of course!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Re: Looking for information on family: Melito Irpino (Avelli

Post by jcsm400 » 28 Apr 2006, 08:58

Hi Spinazzola & welcome to the forum

I guess the only way to determine if the Spinazzola family originally came from Spinazzola, Italy (most likely but maybe too many moons ago to be able to trace) & when, would be to trace them as for back as you can go in Melito Irpina, Italy or til you find a ancestor born in Spinazzola, but living in Melito Irpina.

The LDS (Mormans) have civil records for the comune of Melito Irpino for 1809-1910.

Here is the link to the films:

http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library ... ato+civile++

Link to local your nearest LDS- Family History Center:

http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library ... ato+civile++

You can rent these films for abt $5.50/5.75 and view them @ the FHC.

Hope this helps.


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