Obtaining a Stato di Famiglia

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Obtaining a Stato di Famiglia

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Hello! I need to get the Stato di Famiglia and marriage record for my great grandparents. My great grandfather's family lived in Scisciano and my great grandmother came from Marigliano. Scisciano should have both the Stato di Famiglia and marriage record, so that is where I am going to look. My question is how to do this? I know the address of where to send my request but I don't know Italian so how do I asked for this? Also, how do I pay the fee for it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: Obtaining a Stato di Famiglia

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There is a psot on my website about the Stao di famiglia you might find helpful.
To find the address of the town Gooogle Comune di .........
YOu can find lots of form letters on line for requesting documents, ancestry or Family search.
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