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Hello all

I tried to post this up before but for some reason, when I hit submit it deleted everything, so take two...

I'm trying to trace my partners' Italian heritage. His family came from Frosinone from Belmonte Castello and Cassino, probably with other villages too. The family moved to Scotland in the 20th century and it was two different branches (both his Grandparents were Italian, one born in Italy and the other in Scotland to Italian parents).

I've been struggling to find any information on Ancestry, FindMyPast, FamilySearch or FindAGrave and wondered if there were any other places I should look?

I did read a book on Italian's in Scotland, but it did seem to concentrate on the families who moved to Glasgow which wasn't too helpful with the research I'm doing. I know the book mentioned a census from the 1930s that survived in Scotland, but it doesn't seem to have been released to the general public yet.

I have found some family and extended family on Ancestry on the records for Alien's during WW2 who ended up in the Isle of Man and plenty of records on Scotland'sPeople, but no idea about going back into Italy.

Any advice would be great!

Thanks so much.
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