Certidão de Nascimento

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Amanda Zipoli
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Certidão de Nascimento

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I wonder if anyone would be able to request a certificate in the Livorno community, hand out and send it to Brazil and what would that cost be
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Re: Certidão de Nascimento

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You should explain better what you need. In general, certifications may be requested by e-mail and are sent by e-mail in digital form or by mail in paper form according what is necessary.This is true particularly now with the Covid problem.
It is better to have all the info necessary such as date of marriage or death, etc.,
otherwise you may ask for a research (if possible) giving the details you have.
If the certificate is to apply for Italian citizenship, you must tell this to receive the proper certificate.
Registers of the province of Livorno are not available on sites as Antenati or Family Search, so you must find the info from other sourses.
For the Town of Livorno there is this e-mail address:

For the period before 1866 you must refer to the registers of the parishes.
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