Briano, Caserta

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Briano, Caserta

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I’m been looking for the vital records or church records for the town of Briano located in Caserta, but am experiencing some trouble. I find the village/town is not listed on Ancestries list of Italian places under Caserta, while on familysearch the years between 1866 and 1906 are missing. Has anyone the reason as to why. I suspect there is a logical reason and would like to know hoping these records are listed under another town or etc. I have researched in both Castera and Frignano with no luck.
Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
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Re: Briano, Caserta

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The only online records are the following: ... di+Briano/

1900-1910-you need a username and password to view these records: ... %3D2043630

for anything else, you'll have to contact the town directly:

Comune di Villa di Briano
Via Leopoldo Santagata n. 187
81030 Villa di Briano (CE)

• Telefono: 081 5042461
• Fax: 081 8124249
• Email:
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Re: Briano, Caserta

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if you need earlier dates i have that they are in Italian--if this will help you with 1700-1899This is a link for the prov of Matera. ... di+Matera/

Napoleonico refers to the years 1809 - 1816
restaurazione 1817 - 1860
stato civile 1861 - 1865

this is a link for Calciano, 1852 births (you'll find your ancestor's birth: ... /1852/203/
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