Ducato di Lucca - birth records? HELP!!!

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Ducato di Lucca - birth records? HELP!!!

Post by raffygen » 29 Apr 2007, 18:44

I'm helping a friend to search for her great-great-grandfather Jose' (Giuseppe ?) Piani born in the Ducato di Lucca between 1840 and 1855.

She does not know exactly the date nor the village he was from. He just reported he was from the province of Lucca born around the 1850s when he got married in Uruguay. His parents names are Piani and Carmassi.

I tried the FHC microfilms but I don't know if I am doing the right thing.
Is Lucca included only for the years after 1849?
What about the previous years?

Any help in how to start is very appreciated.

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