researchers for the town of Spadafora, Sicily

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researchers for the town of Spadafora, Sicily

Post by JamesBianco » 04 May 2007, 18:03

I just made a breakthrough on my direct Bianco line. The farthest back I have ever been able to trace is to a birth record of my great-great grandfather Paolino Bianco who was born in 1870 at Novara di Sicilia to a Luigi Bianco & Grazia Siniscalchi. I never could find mention of any other children in Novara before or after. It's like they had him and left, never having been natives to begin with. Grazia Siniscalchi is listed as a native of Scilla however, but naturally it is Luigi Bianco who interests me most.

Recently I found:

Someone on Rootsweb (who hasn't returned my emails) has extracted some of the births for Spadafora, Provincia di Messina and has listed three more children (born there) in 1867 & 1868. I would really like to know where Luigi came from and am hopeful the originals would list his birthplace.

Anyone researching Spadafora ??


Jim :)

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Re: researchers for the town of Spadafora, Sicily

Post by daenamousso » 14 Aug 2007, 18:43

Try this link to Denise Scafaldi. She has records for Spadafora up to 1870 listed

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