Okay this is REALLY specific about one street in Livorno

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Okay this is REALLY specific about one street in Livorno

Post by seaweedotter » 25 Jul 2007, 00:31

Sorry about this being so specific and such, but I am looking for a picture of one particular street in Livorno, Italy.

Via Paolo Lilla was named after my dad's grandfather. He was the first Paolo Lilla. My brother is currently the third person with the name, and my father is the second. (I dont know why my grandfather was skipped.)

Anyways, I was hoping to find a picture of a street sign with Via Paolo Lilla for my dad and my brother.

I have scoured the internet with no success. I have only found one instance of the name in all my searching, but there is no picture or map of where it is specifically in Livorno.

I know that he had the street named after him because he was apparantly a fairly famous (at the time) doctor who I belive was a heart surgeon.

Can anyone who currently lives in Livorno help? This is the only website I could find.


According to Mapquest, some of the streets near it are:

Guiseppe Maria Terreni
Via Del Panificio
Via Curatone E Montanara
Via Dell'arena Alfieri
Via Del Mandorio

it looks like it runs close to a really big road, maybe Viale Giosue Carducci

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Okay this is REALLY specific about one street in Livorno

Post by paolo78 » 07 Jun 2009, 07:31

Your request is dated 2005, perhaps you've found answers to your questions...
My name's Paolo and I just live near Via Paolo Lilla!! Where are you from? Do you speak Italian?

I write you some information about your ancestor. I found them in an historical street plan. Where can I send you any photos?

Dr. Paolo Lilla was an Urologist, born in Livorno in 1881. He got his degree at Pisa University when he was 24 years old (very young for become a M.D. in Italy). After the degree he worked, at the same University, as Assistant Lecturer in Phisiology but in 1927 he founded and managed the Urology Ward in Livorno's Hospital. At the entrance of Urology Ward, infact, we can actually see a bust in his memory!
He's described as a scientist very relationship oriented, who cares about his patients. He delight in music and was also an appreciated painter. He died in 1950. The street has his name since 1951.

The street is just close to a big avenue, Viale Giosuè Carducci, in the centre of Livorno. V.le Carducci goes from the railway station to the here famous building named "Cisternone" (something like Big Cistern)... the old local aqueduct, built from 1829 to 1842.

In spite of the nearness with the busy Viale Carducci, Via Paolo Lilla is a quite street, and buildings are not very tall. It's situated very close from a big park, the local Hospital, 3 big secondary schools and a famous restaurant (named "La Barcarola", where the past Italian Republic President, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, often went to eat the tipical local dish).
Leaving from Via P.Lilla you arrive in 10 minutes by walking to the city center, in 20 minutes by walking to the Port..

See you,

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