Need Help with Naples....

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Need Help with Naples....

Post by jenalonso » 31 Jul 2007, 20:46

This website has been so wonderful to me (I wish the Naples gov't was as helpful!), I thought you might be able to help me with this...

My great grandparents are from Naples (Eugenio Nostrame & Rosa Maria Mangiacapre). Apparently they lived in Naples center before they hopped the boat & landed in Ellis Island. I have their birthdates & 2 children's birthdates (born in Italy). I sent this info to Naples but they only sent me a notice back which (I think) says they didn't find Rosa's birth or marriage certificate (I think). She was born in Succivo, so that makes sense, but they never responded about my great grandfather or the kids. And I don't know where they were married. Should I make a direct inquiry for the children's birth records? Or should I start looking for church records?
If so, I don't know which church was theirs. But I do have the address of my great-great grandfather (Rosa's father): Vico Nuvo della Pace, 4, in the San Lorenzo quarter of Naples.

Can anyone help? Do you know of a church in this area? Do you know who I would write to?

Thanks a million.

Jennifer Nostrame
Searching for Nostrame, Mangiacapre, Cherubino, DiPascuale, Franco, Porto, D'Addona, DiLibero.

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