Lido Vetrana in Trabia, Sicily

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Lido Vetrana in Trabia, Sicily

Post by Marlena » 10 Dec 2007, 08:30

Is anyone familiar with this hotel with cabins on the beach, Lido Vetrana, it was or may still be run by the Gattuccio family.

I have emailed them but no reply.

Marlene Rinella Caredio
Trabia, Sicily: Rinella, Campagna, Rubino, DiMatteo, Vallelunga, Gattuccio, Canciamilla, Arena, Alario, Barone, Sunseri, Trapani, Turturice Bell, Lima, Romano, Spitaleri, Cancilla,Tardio, Novello Tomasello, Sunseri Pirotto, and D'Anna.

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