For those researching Calabria...

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For those researching Calabria...

Post by JamesBianco » 06 Feb 2008, 17:39

If you are using the LDS Filmed records for Calabria, and the catalog appears to end in 1865 (which was the case on my Bianco side), fear not!

Evidently the Stato Civile records for 1866-1910 were transferred to the Provincia Archive before the LDS filmed, and you will find all of the towns in that province by searching the LDS Catalog for the Province, then civil registration.

for example, one of my towns:

Bianco Nuovo, Reggia di Calabria 1810-1865

The films stop with 1865...

However the LDS has filmed to 1910, they are just found here:
Provincia di Reggio di Calabria Stato 1866-1910

All the towns in that Provincia are mixed into the many films alphabetically!

Just thought I would let you all know, because for years I thought I was stuck writing to my town, and now I can order the originals from the LDS Church.


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