Casalvecchio di Puglia

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Re: Casalvecchio di Puglia

Post by NickAndreola » 28 Oct 2018, 12:22

The children of Carolina SIMONE (1854-1900) and Giovanni MAZZONE (1847-1910) have been among the most challenging group of individuals that I have tracked so far. The children and their spouses have some of the most significant surname twisting after immigration that I've seen all clustered together like this. Some 'interpretation' is always expected, but this high degree is unusual.

Combined with the early deaths of some of the older generation, this twisting appears to have sometimes caused their descendants to completely lose contact with their ancestral lines. Just for one example; the two children of Nicola/Nicholas COSTRINO with his 2nd wife, Mariannina Di GIUSEPPE (who died shortly after the birth of her 2nd child) have been so disconnected that the older child's obituary lists his mother as Marianna Di JOSEPHA as it shows on his garbled birth record and the other child's obituary simply lists her as Mrs. COSTRINO--her mother's name is shown as Marianna De JUSITTI on this child's birth record.

Their are multiple instances of siblings (some living in the same small town!) who have used different spellings of their surname throughout their lives. SCHIAVONE/SCHIAVONI, MICELOTTI/MICELOTTA etc...; these may seem to be minor variations but for an amateur with limited resources like me, they have caused many hours of head scratching confusion HA!

It'll take more explaining to sort these families out than the usual attempt to be as brief as possible so I'm going to just start with the basics and add more later. From above we know that Carolina SIMONE is the daughter of Brigida FINO & Pasquale SIMONE. Giovanni MAZZONE was one of 7 known children of Michelarcangelo MAZZONE (1822-1885) and Anna Maria SANTOMARCO (1824-+1910) who were married May 14, 1846. Michelarcangelo was one of 5 known children of Vitangelo MAZZONE (B. ~1779) and Teresa VENDITTI (B. ~1788) who were married Nov 21, 1816. Anna Maria was one of 6 known children of Michele SANTOMARCO (B. ~1788) and Maria Giuseppa SIMONE (B. ~1788) who were married ~1808.

Carolina SIMONE and Giovanni MAZZONE had 8 known children:
#1 Filomena (1876-1876)
#2 Filomena (1877-+1942) [IANIRO + COSTRINO]
#3 Rosa Maria (1880-1966) [AMOLLO]
#4 Annantonia (1883- in progress) [MIGNOGNO/MIGNOGNA/MIGNONE]
#5 Mariannina (1887-1887)
#6 Mariannina (1889-1917) [COSTRINO]
#7 Michelarcangelo (1892-1972) [to FENIO]
#8 Orazio (1896-1975) [to GENOA]
All the surviving children except for Rosa emigrated to Massachusetts. Next time, I'll start with Filomena and Mariannina's families as they become somewhat combined.

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Re: Casalvecchio di Puglia

Post by NickAndreola » 18 Nov 2018, 16:44

#2 Filomena MAZZONE (1877 CdP - Bef 1956 MA) first married Michele IANIRO (~1870 Pietramontecorvino - ~1903 MA) on Oct 18, 1896. The most common pattern I've observed of marriage in the bride's hometown then residence in the groom's was followed. The couple soon moved back to Casalvecchio; perhaps for Filomena to be closer to her family while he was working in the USA? I haven't fully researched the IANIRO family but note from the 1896 marriage records that his parents were the then deceased Giovanni and the then still living Arcangela MASTRODOMENICO-both of Pietramontecorvino. His grandparents were likely Michele IANIRO & Antonia DE VITO and Alberto MASTRODOMENICO & Antonia CAGIANO.

Filomena and Michele had 3 known children before his mysterious death in America in 1903.
1. Giovannina /Jane/ Jennie (1897 Pietramontecorvino - 1980 CA) who married Luigi/Louis/Lewis SCHIAVONE/SCHIAVONI (1884 Torremaggiore - 1968 MA) on Feb 19, 1917 in Milford. I haven't fully researched the SCHIAVONE family but note from the 1917 marriage record that his parents were Pietro & Teresa SOLDANA. Giovannina & Luigi divorced sometime in the mid 1930's and she and the children were in the home of her mother on the 1940 census. The IANIRO surname is seen with a fair bit of variability in the record trail. The SCHIAVONE surname only partially survived 'Americanization' with some children going through life with the SCHIAVONI version. Giovannina & Luigi lived mostly in Framingham and had 6 known children:
--Pierno (1917-1918)
-- Peter Reno (1921-1997 CA) who used SCHIAVONI all his life. He and his mother are buried in the same cemetery; each with the separate versions of the surname used but definitely mother & child.
--Gildo (~1925 - Bef 2017) went to seminary school and joined a religious order.
--Theresa F. (1927-2017) who married Paul HIGGINS and had 7 children.
--Lena (~1929- Bef 1940)
--Robert (~1932-?) who may have also moved to California.

2. Pasquale (1900 CdP - 1967 MA) who married Theresa MOCCIO/MOCCIA (1914 Melito Irpino - 1991 MA) about 1929 probably in Framingham. I haven't fully researched the MOCCIO family but note from the records seen that the family was likely from Melito Irpino, Avellino, Campania, Italy and her parents were Nicola Saverio & Pasqualina GIORGIO.

Pasquale and his mother made several trips to the USA. It appears they remained permanently after the 1916 immigration. Pasquale & Theresa had 4 known children:
--Minerva Filomena (1931 - Aft 2015) who married first to Mr. DENNING and second to Francis Anthony CICCARELLI. She was last known living in Las Vegas, Nevada.
--Loretta (~1932 - Aft 2007) who may have married a Mr. TORELLO and was last known living in Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts.
--Michael Aristotle (1933 - 2007) who married Roberta MACCINI.
--Patricia J. (~1937- Aft 2007) who was last known living in Framingham.

3. Antonetta Carolina (1903 CdP - 1903 CdP)

Filomena became the 3rd wife of Nicola\Nicholas COSTRINO with their marriage in Milford on May 4, 1925. Nicholas' 1st wife was Filomena's younger sister #6 Mariannina MAZZONE. (More next time on the COSTRINO family). Nicholas married for a 4th time in 1956. I have not been able to locate a death record for Filomena but assume it was prior to this 4th marriage.

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Re: Casalvecchio di Puglia

Post by NickAndreola » 21 Nov 2018, 22:08

#6 Mariannina/Mary MAZZONE (1889 CdP - 1917 MA) married Nicola/Nicholas COSTRINO (1883 Torremaggiore - +1956 MA) on July 10, 1909 in Milford. His parents are listed as Giuseppe & Amalia TREMATORE. Nicholas immigrated with his maternal uncle Matteo TREMATORE in 1906. Note also another maternal uncle Nicola/Nick TREMATORE, who married Louisa FERRUCCI, was a neighbor in Milford. Louisa's father, Domenico's, 1st wife was my 1/2 great grand Aunt Arcangela ANDREOLA through her father, Giovanni's, 2nd marriage to Maddalena Costantina TOSCHES. Nicholas COSTRINO was able to leverage his shoe repair skills into his own business -the American Shoe Repair Co. He definitely had his own brand of patriotism for his new-found home; note the original given names of his children!
Mary & Nicholas had 5 known children before her untimely Feb 2, 1917 death just days after giving birth to their 5th child.

--Dr. Joseph Alfred (1910 MA - 1985 MO) who married first to Una Mae Johnson before 1940 and second to Betty Lee McCracken in 1950.
--Christopher Columbus John Americo/John Joseph (1911 MA - 1967 MO) who married Marion Elizabeth Knapp in 1935.
--Emelia Carolina America/Caroline (1913 MA - ? in New York?) who married George Aloysius McCauliff in 1939.
--Carolina Elisa America/Lena (1915 MA - 1997 MA) who married Frank MICELOTTI (1911 ME - 1984 MA) in 1939. Note that Frank's sister (and some other family members) used MICELOTTA. See his sister Mary Theresa below.
--Luigi Mario Americo (1917 MA -1917 MA) Luigi died a few days after his mother did.

Nicholas then married Mariannina/Mary DI GIUSEPPE (~1893 Italy - 1922 MA) on Sep 3, 1917. Her name is mangled in the Milford records with the exception of their marriage which also includes her parents names.
Mary & Nicholas had 2 known children before her death on Nov 22, 1922.

--Dr. Alexander Michael Americo/Michael Alexander (1918 MA - 2006 MA) who married Mary Theresa MICELOTTA (1919 MA - 2010 MA) on June 3, 1939.
--Rosa Marie /Rose (1919 MA - 2006 FL) who married Strategakis/Ownbey/Bryant

Nicholas COSTRINO then married his 1st wife's widowed older sister Filomena in 1925--see previous post.

Nicholas COSTRINO then married widowed Evelyn 'Spindel' Kay on June 6, 1956.

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Re: Casalvecchio di Puglia

Post by NickAndreola » 05 Dec 2018, 20:37

#3 Rosa MAZZONE (1880 CdP-1966 Cdp)married Domenico AMOLLO (1880 Torremaggiore-? CdP) on Dec 8, 1901 in Casalvecchio. Domenico's surname has some variation (often AMMOLLO) in the record trail. I've used it as it shows on all his children's records. His parents were listed on their marriage Act as fu Giuseppe & di Filomena LAVORATO who lived in Torremaggiore. Domenico has one of the rarely found records of citizenship into the commune of Casalvecchio. Rosa & Domenico had 5 known children. All but their eldest appear to have stayed in Italy.
----Maria Lucietta/Lucy (1902 CdP-1984 MA) married Felice MELE (1894 Torremaggiore-1988 MA) on Feb 6, 1921 in Milford. They had 10 known children.
----Maria Grazia Carolina (1904 CdP-?) came to Milford in 1920 but I can find no additional information for her. She may have returned to CdP
----Filomena Annita (1906 CdP-?) married Antonio TUSONE on Aug 6, 1947 in CdP.
----Alfonso Carmine Antonio (1908 CdP-?) I had trouble deciphering the side note, but it appears that Alfonso married ? Elizabetta RICCETTA? in Castelluccio Valmaggiore, Foggia, Apulia on May 11, 1933.
---Giovan Giuseppe (1910 Cdp - 1956 CdP)

#4 Annantonia/Antoniette MAZZONE (1883 CdP - 1972 MA) married Pasquale MIGNOGNA Sr.(1879 Riccia -1944 MA) on Jan 14, 1907 in Milford. His parents were likely Antonio & Anunnziata SANTONE from Riccia, Campobasso, Molise. Pasquale was unable to read or write and his surname in the records in Milford becomes tangled. All of their 11 known children and their descendants go on with the new surname MIGNONE.
----Mary A. (1908 MA - 1999 MA) married Donato CIAVATTONE (1911 Cansano, L'Aquila, Abruzzo - 1999 MA) about 1935. His surname became CIAVATTONI in the USA.
----Antonio (1909 MA - 1909 MA)
----Lucietta/Lucy (1910 MA -1993 MA) married Teodoro/Theodore TOCCI (1904 CdP - 1996 MA) on Oct 20, 1930 in Milford. Teodoro was the 2nd born twin to his sister Maria Luigia. Their parents were Michelarcangelo (1904 fu Teodoro) and Maria Giovanna TOSCHES (1904 fu Giuseppe). Lucy & Theodore had 3 known children.
----Giovanni Joseph/John Sr. (1913 MA - 1989 MA) married Leonilda Florence TESTA (1906 MA - 1994 MA) Her parents were likely Victor & Josephine TOGNAZZI. John & Leonilda had 3 known children.
----Antonio John/Anthony (1915 MA - 2002 MA) Anthony had at least 2 marriages and 3 known children.
----Mariannina Theresa/Nina (1917 MA - 2012 MA) married Alfred Edward BARRY (1915 MA - 2001 MA) on Sep 27, 1938 and had 2 known children.
----Michele (1919 MA -1920 MA)
----Caroline Delores/Lena (1921 MA - 2014 MA) married Stephen WYSPIANSKI on Jan 22, 1945 and had 4 known children.
----Eleanor Regina ( 1922 MA - 2017 MA) married John Nicholas BIBBO (1915 MA - 1995 MA) on Apr 26, 1947 and had 2 known children.
---Gloria A. (1924 MA - 2017 MA) married Lucien R. CAGNON (1926 RI - 2000 MA) and had 4 known children.
----Pasquale Jr. (1926 MA -1928 MA)

#7 Michelarcangelo/Michael MAZZONE (1892 CdP - 1972 MA) married Alice FENIO (1899 Bisceglie, Bari, Apulia - 1980 MA) on May 2, 1927 in Worcester City and had 1 known child, John (1931 MA - ?)

#8 Orazio/Horace MAZZONE (1896 CdP - 1975 MA) married Rosa GENOA (1904 MA - 1974 MA) on Oct 5, 1924 and had 2 known children.
----John F. (1925 MA - 1984 MA) married Dora Mary Rosie PEPIN (1913 MA - 1999 MA).
----Horace Michael (1930 MA - 2015 CN) married Arlene CROSBY and had 1 known child.

Next up I will finish up Brigida FINO (see October 12th post) and her 2nd marriage to Vincenzo MANDES of Casalnuovo Monterotaro.

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