All problems with the server speed should be fixed now

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Re: All problems with the server speed should be fixed now

Post by nuccia » 12 Jul 2008, 01:16


Point taken and I feel a valid one. Not to defend Edmondo, things kind of happened suddenly...the loss of connection of the internet in his country for weeks, the old server going wonky during that same time, and to make matters worse, he lost a family member.

He had planned to fix it and normally would place an announcement in that section as to which day the site would go down but he didn't have a chance. Somehow during the switch the site crashed and so here we are.

We have always maintained that out members opinions mean a lot here, regardless of posts or rank and yours is no different. From now on we will try to make sure announcements concerning the site will be posted in the correct section.

I hope no one has any objections but I think we can lock this thread now..the problem has been fixed and everyone seems pleased..I know I am.

Thanks again :)
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